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Poster: AltheaRose Date: Sep 12, 2011 9:24pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: My "Magic Tape" Story

Well, I do have a tape story. It's long, of course. But I challenge anyone to beat it for sheer globalness and, in a way, magic-ness :-)

I never had a huge number of tapes, but I did have some, starting with tapes an avid Deadhead copied for me in the late '70s. I had a box for cassetes the size of a shoebox or so -- maybe it WAS a shoebox -- and about half were Dead tapes, mostly from the '70s. There were also other tapes, mainly bluegrass, folk, and local bands. The box went with me everywhere. When I first moved to Kathmandu in '94, naturally my tapes came to the Himalayas, too.

By '97, I was married with a baby and we headed back to the States for huubby's grad school, expecting to return to Nepal rather soon. We left a lot of our belongings for safekeeping in a tiny mud house in a fairly remote village. (Typical village -- no electricity, no phone, cooking over fire, etc.) The tape box and a box of CDs were both accidentally part of the stash.

Well, time passed. After 13 years, we finally DID move back to Nepal. During that time, the family w'd left stuff with had torn down their old mud house, built a new one, torn THAT down, and built a third one. Things had been moved, rearranged, mice had eaten boxes and papers ... of course, the cardboard box with the tapes was long gone.

But they remembered doing something with some tapes and CDs. They found a bunch of CDs quickly enough. Tapes? Hmmmm ...

Amazingly, in the puja room -- the tiny room used for daily worship -- we found three tapes. One was Old and In the Way. The other two are show tapes, missing their cases with the set list by now, and not labeled with the date on the tape itself. Just Grateful Dead.

I'd love to tell you I know which shows survived, but I haven't yet found a tape recorder to listen to them on! (OK, I keep forgetting to look.) It's my Great Mystery, and this is a wonderful reminder for me to solve it. I can't even remember WHICH shows I had, so I'll have to listen (if they still play), write down the set list and figure it out.

Which two shows survived 13 years of mice, monsoons, dust and time in a Himalayan village, sitting quietly in a worship room and listening to daily chants? I'll be sure to post the answer when I find out :-)

So that's my Magic Tape Story.

I don't know where the other tapes went, but I hope they didn't just deteriorate but ended up appreciated by some rice farmers and buffalo herders who listen to this day and say, "I wonder who made this great music!"

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Poster: opolaut Date: Sep 13, 2011 9:22am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: My 'Magic Tape' Story

Very nice story, thanks for sharing it.

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Poster: dogsinapile! Date: Sep 13, 2011 1:17pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: My 'Magic Tape' Story

"Let's do some livin'
after we die"

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Poster: snow_and_rain Date: Sep 13, 2011 6:35am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: My 'Magic Tape' Story

I heart my tapes, and I still have a lot of them (and not just GD). I also still have a dual cassette deck to play them on (which is increasingly rare). No story, but my "magic tape" is probably 2/13/70 just because it is so awesome.

I did put together a short inventory a while back of what GD cassettes remain in my collection, so here it is for whatever it's worth..


This is a totally self-indulgent post. I’ve decided to inventory my dwindling GD tape collection. Most of these are nearly 18-25 years old, so I want to take stock. I’ve got about 30 or so left and have no intention of letting them go.

Going through these has reminded me that it was really catch-as-catch-can back then. Sure, there were already lots of tapes in circulation, but for some of us, you basically had to take what you could get.

2-13-70 – Fillmore East, set 2 partial
This is how it’s labeled…
A: Other One> Lovelight
B: Dark Star> Other One> Drums> Other One

This is what the set really was…
Dark Star-> Cryptical-> Drums-> Other One-> Cryptical-> Lovelight

Cryptical.. Other One, same difference! Looks like side B should have been side A. No matter. This is a one-of-a-kind show of course. This was the one you put on when you were really baked and just wanted to space out.

2-18-71, Port Chester, set 1
A: *Bertha, Truckin, Hurts Me Too, *Loser, *GSET, *Johnny B. Goode, Mama Tried, Hard to Handle (*first time live)
B: Dark Star> *Wharf> Dark Star> MAMU – Filler: Cold Rain and Snow, Me and Bobby McGee, The Rub, Casey Jones, 4-5-71

Mega-classic tape for me. Influential.

2-19-71 – Port Chester, parts of both sets, w/ lots of 2-18 material on B
A: (2-19, set 2) *Bird Song, Easy Wind, *Deal, Cryptical, Other One (*first time live)
B: (2-18) Dark Star> *Wharf Rat> Dark Star, (2-19, set 1) Dark Hollow, Smokestack, (2-18) Candyman

Another of my favorites, but probably not played as much as the first 2-18 tape.

12-19-73 – Tampa, FL (from Dick’s Picks Vol. 1), set 2
A: HCS, Weather Report Suite, Big RR, Big River
B: He’s Gone> Truckin> Nobody’s> Jam> Other One> Jam> Stella

This was actually recorded off of a Dick’s Picks CD, so great quality.

5-19-74 – Portland, I think set 1 – This was my introduction to 74, and it fucking smokes. Second of only-three-ever versions of Money, Money. Loose Lucy was a fave for sure. This reminded me a lot of the sound from the “Steal Your Face” album. Cover missing, but it went something like this..

A: Half Step, Mexicali, Big RR Blues, BT Wind, Scarlet, BIODTL, Tennessee Jed, Bobby McGee
B: Sugaree, Jack Straw, Roses, El Paso, Loose Lucy, Money Money, China Cat> I Know You Rider

5-5-75 – Studio jam
A: Franklin’s, King Solomon’s, TLEO, Slipknot… - Filler: New Potato (unknown date)
B: …Slipknot, Train Kept a Rollin – Filler: 1) Jam with David Crosby – Blues jam, Lazy Lightnin> Supplication (unknown date); 2) Cryptical> Other One (unknown date)

This one is fun. Very raw. Some talking.

10-9-76 – Oakland Coliseum, set 2
A: St Stephen> NFA> Stephen, Help> Slip> Drums> Samson> Slip> Franklin’s…
B: …Franklin’s, Saturday Night, E: US Blues – Filler: Scarlet, Lazy Lightnin> Supplication, Might as Well, 6-3-76

This was my 76 tape. You can see why I would like the year with this set as my reference point.

2-26-77 – San Bernadino, set 1
A: *Terrapin, Minglewood, TLEO, *Estimated, Sugaree… (*first time live)
B: …Sugaree, Mama Tried, Deal, Playin> Wheel> Playin

A simply outstanding first set. First Terrapin. First Estimated. Playin> Wheel > Playin. I forget sometimes how big a show this was in my tape rotation. The cover has a hand-drawn (by me) rainbow on it that looks like it was drawn with a protractor. Sugaree straddles sides A and B.

5-8-77 – Cornell, set 2
A: Scarlet> Fire, Estimated – Filler: Dancin, from set 1
B: St Stephen> NFA> Stephen, Dew, E: Saturday Night

Need I explain? I wonder where set 1 is.

6-9-77 – Winterland, set 1
A: Half Step, Jack Straw, TLEO, Cassidy, Sunrise, Deal – Filler: Bertha, 5-26-73
B: LLR, Loser, Music No Stop / US Blues, Saturday Night – Filler: China> Rider, 5-26-73

A must-have first set w/ killer filler material.

4-10-78 – Atlanta, set 1
A: Promised Land, BEW, All Over Now, Peggy-O, Cassidy, Dire Wolf
B: El Paso, Row Jimmy, Passenger, Candyman, Music No Stop

Great set. Killer quality. Great slide action throughout.

7-7-78 – Red Rocks, set 2
A: Scarlet> Fire, Dancin> Drums
B: NFA> Nobody’s jam> NFA> Black Peter> Round and Round, E: US Blues, JB Goode

Loved this tape, though there are better 78 shows out there for sure.

7-8-78 – Red Rocks, set 2
A: Estimated> Other One> Eyes> Drums
B: Drums> Wharf> Franklin’s> Sugar Mag – Filler from set 1: Bertha> Good Lovin

The better of the two Red Rocks shows. Awesome front end.

10-22-78 - Winterland, set 2
A: Scarlet> Fire, Samson, Heart of Me, Miracle> Drums>
B: Space> NFA>Caution jam> Mojo jam> GDTRFB, E: JB Goode

Smokin, must-have set w/ Oskar and Cippolina. What else is there to say? I think I got this one sort of late in my trading days. Still got lots of air play.

9-6-80 – Lewiston, ME, set 1
A: Alabama, GSET, Sugaree, MAMU, Mexicali
B: Tennessee Jed, Stranger, FOTD, Far from Me, Rooster

Straight-up smoking first set. I loved this Lewiston show, especially this set.

9-6-80 – Lewiston, ME, set 2 partial / 12-28-69 – Hollywood, FL, partial
A (Lewiston): NFA> Wheel> UJB> Playin> Sugar Mag, E: Saturday Night, Brokedown
B: (Hollywood): Cold Rain and Snow, Hard to Handle, Mason’s Children, Lovelight

A great two-fer from two very different eras. Side B got the most play for sure.

6-16-85 - Greek Theater, set 2
A: Scarlet> Fire, Samson, Cryptical> Other One> Cryptical> Drums
B: Space> GDTRFB> Miracle> Wharf, Lovelight, E: Brokedown

Sloppy, but historic. Remember liking the GDTRFB out of space.

6-27-85 – Saratoga Performing Arts Center, set 2
A: Stranger> Eyes> GDTRFB> Woman Smarter> Drumz>
B: Space> Truckin> Spoonful> Black Peter> Lovelight E: Johnny B. Goode> Baby Blue

For a while I knew this one only as S.P.A.C., as I did not know what it stood for. A totally smokin’ set 2! The case is missing, but I don’t need to be reminded that this was the massive Stranger> Eyes> GDTRFB. I listened to this one a lot.

7-1-85 – Merriweather Post, set 1
A: Dancin, Dupree’s, Walkin Blues, Jackaroe, Esau, Stagger Lee
B: Let it Grow, Day Job / E: Satisfaction, Baby Blue

This was one of my greatest 80s tapes. This is a great board full of great songs. Jerry is totally haggard, but so what?

11-1-85 – Richmond Coliseum, set 2
A: Samson, High Time, He’s Gone> Spoonful> Comes a Time
B: Sailor> Drums> Space> Saint> Gimme Some Lovin, She Belongs to Me

Another great mellow set. I listened to this more than I ever thought I would.

12-16-86 – Oakland Coliseum, set 2
A: Box of Rain, Crazy Fingers, Estimated> Eyes> Drums
B: *Hand Jive> *Aiko, Stella> Sugar Mag, E: Midnight Hour *w/ Nevilles) – Filler: Watchtower> Believe it or Not, 7-17-88 (incorrectly labeled as “Greek ‘86”)

This was a cool but kind of sloppy show by my recollection. Nice crispy recording.

4-12-89 – Rosemont Horizon, set 2
A: Touch> Truckin> Smokestack> Spoonful> He’s Gone> Drums
B: Space> IWTYH> Watchtower> Wharf> Lovelight, E: Black Muddy

Plain brown wrapper. I liked side A. Side B didn’t see much action.

10-9-89 – Warlocks, Hampton, set 2
This is how I have this labeled…
A: Playin> Spacey jam> UJB> Playin> Dark Star> Spacey> Dark Star> Spacey
B: Drums> Space> Death Don’t> Fantasy> Throwin Stones

I don’t even have a date on it. To me it was always simply “Hampton.” Pretty low quality, but obvious historic value.

4-2-90 – The Omni, set 2
A: Foolish> LLR, He’s Gone> Last Time> Drums> Space
B: Other One> Death Don’t> Round and Round, Good Lovin’, E: Black Muddy

Mellow set for mellow moods. Nice Foolish, Other One > Death Don’t.

5-5-90 - Cal State, set 2
A: Truckin> Crazy> Playin> UJB> Drums
B: Space> Miracle> Fantasy> Jude> GDTRFB> Round and Round, E: Touch

I always liked this set. I like a set that starts with Truckin’. Well played.

6-9-90 – Cal Expo, Set 1
A: LTGTR, Stranger, Peggy-O, MAMU> Mexicali, Loser
B: Masterpiece, Loose Lucy, Cassidy, Don’t Ease

A fun and oft-played cassette.

6-9-90 - Cal Expo, set 2
A: Victim > Touch> LLR> Terrapin> Drums
B: Space> Fantasy> Jude> Watchtower> Stella> Lovelight, E: Black Muddy

Sort of interesting. Don't remember listening to this one much. Nice encore.

9-8-90, Richfield Coliseum, set 1
A: Bucket, Sugaree, Minglewood, F2OTD, Queen Jane
B: Loser, Cassidy, Deal / E: OMSN

Side B got lots of play. Always nice to have a tape from one that you actually attended. Not sure where my set 2 of this show is. I used to have it.

12-13-90 – Denver, set 1
A: Jack Straw, Sugaree, Wang Dang, FOTD, MAMU
B: Big River, Ramble on Rose, Memphis Blues, Valley Road

I have no idea where I got this. It’s not in my handwriting. I may have never actually listened to it either. Perhaps I’ll give it a spin later today.

6-20-91 – Pine Knob, set 2
A: Throwin> Iko, Watchtower> SOTM> He’s Gone, Drums
B: Space> Wheel> Miracle> Wharf> Throwin> NFA (cuts)

Another one I attended and was psyched to score a copy of. Throwin> Iko always gives me goosebumps.

9-10-91 – MSG, set 1 / 10-31-91 Oakland, set 2
A (MSG): Shakedown, CC Rider, Lot to Laugh, Cassidy, Deal / Estimated (w/ Branford)
B (Oakland): Truckin> Spoonful> Dark Star (w/ Kesey)> Last Time> SOTM, E: Werewolves

This was a cool tape with first set selections from the 9/10 Garden show on side A and the Halloween Dark Star with Kesey on the back side. This got tons of play. Includes an awesome Jerry on camel in Egypt photo on the tape cover.

3-24-93 – Dean Dome, UNC, set 2
I don’t have a cover for this show, but this is the set list:
HCS, Playin> Box Of Rain> Crazy Fingers> Playin> Drumz> Spanish Jam> GDTRFB> Throwing Stones> NFA, E: Lucy In The Sky

Wow, I have no idea about this one. I may never have listened to it at all. I know this is considered a pretty good 93 show, but I don’t really know it at all.

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Poster: jerlouvis Date: Sep 13, 2011 1:24pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: My 'Magic Tape' Story

That is as great a magic tape story as I am ever likely to hear,it was so good I came back to read it again,cool stuff AltheaRose.